The Braschi Company was founded in the early seventies in the last century by a couple, Lorenzo and Kitty Braschi, and it was initially engaged in leather goods. The owners had bet on original models, different from the usual ones proposed at the time.

In the nineties, following the trends of the market, the company shifted the focus on fur business and had a success, gaining the national market at first, while later on the whole world was dreaming about the stylish, original and full of Italian charm BRASCHI fur coats. The company's founder Lorenzo Braschi handed over the company’s management to his son Maurizio in 2000. Due to his evident entrepreneurial ability and talent, Maurizio managed to give a new turn and make the company a real brand.

The garments of BRASCHI atelier have always been appreciated due to the scrupulous selection of the primary product and the high level of manufacturing. The company BRASCHI uses exclusively skins of high quality: North American and Scandinavian mink, fox, chinchilla, Canadian lynx and rigorously Russian sables. Maurizio Braschi attends in person the prestigious auctions in Canada, Russia and Scandinavia and selects the best skins to create amazing masterpieces.



El. Venizelou rd.17 (Port of Hersonissos)
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, 70014

Tel: +30 28970 26400, +30 28970 25603
Fax: +30 28970 25602

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